Player Spotlight

Meet #18, K. McCargo


What do you like to do for fun?  I love to play the Wii, go-kart riding, shooting BB guns and most of all backyard baseball.  

If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?  I would be a cheetah because I love to run fast and nothing wants to eat me.  

Where would you go for your dream vacation?  My dream vacation would be Universal Studios or the mountains because it’s so much fun. 

What do you want to do when you grow up?  I would like to be doctor. 

What is your nickname?  I don’t have a nickname but sometimes my Nanny calls me her sugar pudding.  

What is your favorite food?  Pizza and my mother’s pot roast. 

What do you like most about playing baseball?  I don’t have one favorite thing about baseball. I just like the game. I really enjoy throwing and hitting the baseball very hard.

What is your favorite baseball team?  I think my favorite team is the Orioles because they have a cool logo. 

Name one awesome thing about you.  Fun is the name of my game.

Day or night?  Day

Leader or follower?  Leader

Chocolate or chips?  Chocolate

Dog or cat?  Dog

Xbox or Playstation?  Xbox

Milk or water? Water over milk any day

Hitting the ball or making an out?  Hitting

Beach or mountains?  Mountains



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