Hardball Pride


Side by side to watch the game
worried as parents do
he steps into the batter’s box
This combination of me and you

No fear upon his hairless face
they catch his subtle grin
not a doubt, no hint of fear
He thinks he’s Tony Gwynn

His mom utters maternal prayer
analyzing his practiced stance
Holding their collective breath
As he swings for the fence

The ball hits the catcher’s mitt
“Strike one” rings out in the night
Determination creases his brow
He concentrates with all his might

Knocking dirt from his cleats
determination now adorns his face
If there is fear in his heart
He wouldn’t dare show a trace

His eyes say it all
“It’s the pitcher or it’s me”
One thing is for certain
“It damn sure won’t be me”

All eyes are on our son
as he takes the next pitch
He knows it is high inside
His cocky nod makes the pitcher twitch

His mom files away the reprimand
Confidence to arrogance, the line very fine
If her young man crosses it
He’ll surely ride the pine

The next pitch comes in low and away
The pitcher’s fate is sealed
Doing just as our boy’s been taught
A hit to the opposite field

Her pulse explodes at bat on ball
Cheering as he drives in a run
He makes her heart completely stop
barely stealing second, just for fun

Our eyes meet, my pride can’t be denied
With focus back on the game
he takes a lead, determined to take third
With the ball pitched, another base he does claim

Sixty feet from breaking the tie
Our son keeps his eye on the prize
He launches towards home at crack of the bat
Knowing he is safe, tears fill his Mom’s eyes

Empty dugout and home plate mayhem
Parental cheers do rock the stands
All choked up with heartfelt pride
Mom and Dad smile, while holding hands

Written by a Baseball Mom with the help of a Baseball Dad

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